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Hifi Accessories

Remote Controls - A universal remote control enables you to hide all the different remotes for your television, dvd player and set-top box and allows you to have just one. Some state of the art remotes can be programmed with 'macros' to perform several functions at the touch of one button, such as switch on the tv, set-top box and surround sound system simultaneously. A cool way to impress your visitors!

Speaker Cables - Good quality speaker cables and interconnects can make all the difference when it comes to the sound quality of your hifi or cinema system. They will ensure that your source, amplification and speakers are able to deliver the sound experience with the maximum effect.

Equipment Racks - The main benefit of having a specific hifi rack is they isolate the components from vibration, they allow the air to circulate keeping your equipment cool, they keep electrical inteference at a minimum and overall make the presentation of your equipment look neat and tidy.

Video Cables - Good quality video cables will make the most of the subject material by enhancing contrast and black depth, resolution and colour balance. They won't however, fill in the gaps of any bad quality material so make sure your source if high quality and a good video cable combination will blow your cinema experience away!

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